special needs

The goal of the special needs ministry is to create an environment for everyone to safely participate on Sunday morning, as well as in Life Groups and all ministry events that the church offers, so that each individual has an equal opportunity to be presented with the Gospel and grow in their relationship with Christ. 

Objectives and Goals

  • To create a safe environment for individuals with special needs.

  • To partner with parents/caregivers in developing an appropriate accommodation plan for the individual with special needs, within the policies and resources of ChristWay. 

  • To equip leaders and volunteers in our church body to better serve and love families affected by special needs.

  • To make curriculum and environment modifications that will enable the individual to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the gospel and relationship with Christ.

  • To provide a buddy for each individual with special needs so that he/she can be an active participant with their peers.

If you would like to worship with ChristWay and utilize our Special Needs Ministry for your child, please let us know best how we can accommodate his or her needs by completing this form.