The Journey... As a man and follower of Christ, each of us is walking down a road to live out the values and mission of our Lord through faith. This road is what we call “The Journey.” The Journey is a ministry devoted to encouraging, engaging and challenging men in our fellowship to live out the life each of us is called to in Jesus Christ. We exist to provide opportunities for men to get involved, grow in their faith, serve others in the church and our community, to step up and lead, and to hold one another up through accountability. If you are on the journey and walking alone, we invite you to come walk with us and experience the power of taking the journey together. For further details, please contact us by email.

As we move forward with men's ministry, we have plans to put together some fellowship opportunities (golfing, mountain climbing, fishing, etc.) and some service opportunities (small home repairs, car care, yard work, etc. for those who are unable to do for themselves). We would love to find out what you're interested in being a part of, so let us know by sending us an email.

Upcoming Events:


We perform acts of service, first in the church, and then to the surrounding area, by offering our time and talents in home repairs for the widows, single mothers, handicapped, elderly, and those that have fallen on financial hardship. Examples of services offered include short term yard work, general home maintenance, and emergency repairs. If you would like to participate in these projects then sign up for the C4 email list.

TruthSeekers Retreat

October 27-29

Men are called to lead the charge as husbands, fathers, leaders and disciple makers that God has called us to be.  This retreat kicks off a ministry that will work to equip committed believers of Christ as they pursue an active lifestyle of living in Truth. (See the mission and vision of TruthSeekers below.) The retreat is at Camp Ocoee, and the cost is $85. Sign up and pay for the retreat at Connection Central or online

For more information, please send us an email.


The Mission: To equip committed followers of Christ as they pursue an active lifestyle of living in Truth. This is fulfilled through discipleship, accountability, and prayer.


The Vision:  To disciple Christian men as they move from a life of defeat to living a life of victory and freedom.  Following the mandate given in Matthew 28:19 to “make disciples” is the forefront of this ministry, and learning to live a life led by the power of the Holy Spirit is key. TruthSeekers follows the vision of ChristWay as men are equipped to move around the table as seen in this video.

How it works:  TruthSeekers is a tool that is available for men to use to mature into what God has planned for them to be by following and completing these objectives:


1.    Learning Discipleship

Discipleship is more than knowing God's word; it is learning practical ways to show God's word in daily living.  We are called to help others know Christ in a personal way and follow Him completely.  Discipleship is mentoring other men as we teach what a follower of Christ looks like in each area of manhood.  Men fulfill God's purpose for their life as they apply God's Word to being husbands, fathers, sons, friends and brothers.  


2.    Commit to Accountability

Accountability is vital to this ministry. Men commit to be honest to each other about any sin that holds them captive and we walk alongside one another as we speak the truth in love.  No matter how hard it may be, we are bold in this area because the freedom that men experience in this area paves the way for Christ to build a powerful disciple. 


3.    Pray Often

Prayer is also a central part of TruthSeekers.  Maturity in a man’s spiritual life is seen through the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.  TruthSeekers challenges every man to ask the Spirit through prayer to transform his mind, will, and emotions and help him learn his weaknesses of the flesh and reveal how much power is given when we walk in His truth daily. We commit to faithfully pray for each other while also continuing an authentic personal prayer life.