"SUMMER SERVE" is about being intentional in showing God's love to those around us. Each week ChristWay will focus on serving a different population group. Simply pray about how God would have you serve that group and then follow your heart. Just do it! Lastly, encourage others to serve by sharing anonymously what you did, and we'll post it to social media. 

Week of June 25-Serve a stranger with a random act of kindness

Week of July 2-Serve a co-worker or classmate

Week of July 9-Serve your neighbor

Week of July 16-Serve an underprivileged individual or group

Week of July 23-Serve an informed individual or group

Share with us how you served.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven." Matthew 5:16

Here are some ways others are serving:

  • Built a wheelchair ramp for a teen with brain cancer
  • Sent chapstick to soldiers serving on an aircraft carrier
  • Took needed grocery items to donate to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen
  • Gave away some items in my garage to a young couple in need
  • Baked cookies and took them to the neighbors
  • Took a giant cookie and a Chick-fil-A gift card and left it anonymously for our custodian
  • My young children befriended a girl at the park, shared their toys and played kindly all morning.
  • Took bagels and cream cheese to the nurses and techs working on my dad's hospital unit
  • Surprised a co-worker with an ice cream cupcake
  • Gave a dessert treat for a co-worker in appreciation for his positive and encouraging attitude each and every day
  • Bought 30 bags of popcorn, wrote a note that said, "Have a popping great day!" and challenged the recipients to do the same. The challenge was put on our company website and others accepted the challenge as well.
  • Bought a youth study Bible for an employee's grandson who was was recently saved on a youth trip
  • After an extra tough Monday, I gave a couple of co-workers gift cards to a fast food place I know they like.
  • Baked cookies from scratch and brought them into work for my co-workers