We still need each other! Deck parties are our new summer groups to help us maintain community. Here are more details:

  • Ideally, groups would meet each week, at least until Labor Day.
  • Groups may meet on decks, on porches, in driveways, inside in a living room, on a boat, at a park, at a restaurant or online.
  • Some groups are kid-friendly while others are only for adults.
  • Groups that are kid-friendly may choose to have parents responsible for their own children, bring in a sitter to watch all the children, allow the kids to play outside within sight, etc. 
  • Groups can be co-ed, men only, women only.
  • Each week, the facilitator will receive discussion questions to spur spiritual conversation, but it won't be a deep Bible study (unless the group chooses to do that).
  • Each group will choose how it wants to handle food (no food at all, rotate bringing a snack for the group to share, everyone brings his own food for himself, etc.)
  • Invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers! It's not just for ChristWay; it's for our community!

If you are interested in hosting or facilitating one of these groups for the rest of the summer, email us at

As we continue to form groups, we will be updating our listing of deck parties. Can't find one that works for you? Email us at for assistance or consider hosting your own, but let us know so we can support you in that.