impact the world for christ!

When you buy an item in our Christmas Shoppe, the proceeds from your purchase go directly to support the spread of the Gospel!

Our Christmas Shoppe is stocked with items from the various countries we support in missions as well as some locally-crafted goods to support efforts right here in Chattanooga. You can purchase cashews from Honduras, an ornament from Swaziland, a blanket from Peru, or Christmas stockings from Bangladesh. Every item has a story behind it--the world is being impacted and Christ is being made known among the nations! 

Open Sundays

November 11, 18, 25 & December 2

  8:45-9:10, 10:15-10:40, 11:45-12:15

stories of impact...

In Bangladesh, there are families who live in slums next to the railroad. The hopelessness and desperation these families in a Muslim culture experience on a daily basis are overwhelming, but Christ is shining in this dark corner.  Girls from these slums attend the Light of Hope Center each day where they are able to bathe, brush their teeth, learn basic Bangla and math and how to sew. Most importantly, they learn about Jesus and the hope He gives!  As the girls learn about Christ and improve their sewing skills, they make goods which earn them a small wage. The young ladies will not be forced into the slave trade because they are able to provide financial support for their families. The education they obtain will help to lift them out of the poverty they know and many of their family members have also come to know Jesus!

Our ChristWay team partners with Seed Ministry in Tamale, Ghana, to spread the gospel to unreached people & the large Muslim population. Students there are taught English using Scripture, and they are taught to spread the Gospel within their village. One of the Seed Ministry’s first students, Peter, now runs his own store in Tamale. His store sells hand-crafted items, made by Christians in nearby villages.

In the villages in Choluteca, Honduras, families live in homes made of mud and sticks; only the more prosperous have cinderblock houses. The children play next to stinking pits of trash and romp through the same mud as pigs. Many people here have no electricity, no running water, and precious little food. It is truly a desperate place, and the proceeds from your purchase of items from Honduras either go back directly to the ladies who crafted them or help to buy rice and beans which are then distributed by our mission teams when they go house-to-house sharing the Gospel.

Right here in Chattanooga, ChristWay partners with several agencies and organizations to help families become stable, employed, housed, and linked to support and follow-up services to ensure a successful return to self-sufficiency.