January 6

4-6 PM

Parenting is an incredible and challenging role to be blessed with. We know life gets hectic, and we want to help support you. Contact is a break out session conference and there is a session for everyone: parents with teens who eat all your food, parents with babies who have taught you a new sleep schedule, parents of tweens who are wayyyy too into Fortnite. Everyone will be able to take something away from these sessions.

Sessions Include:

Parent/Child Panel

Take a look at parenting strategies from the perspective of not only the parent, but also the children on which the strategies were used. 


Digital Parenting

Explore the issues dealing with screen time, cyber bullying, pornography, social media, and gain tools to help you use technology so that it benefits your family.

Partnering with Parents

Countless factors can cause friction between parents and church leaders. This session will invite parents to join us in our mission to lead our students well. From parent communication to training students in biblical truths, we never want to operate in opposition to your Christ-centered leading at home. We are always better together.

Discipling the Next Generation

While the church will partner with you, parents are the primary ones tasked with raising their children in a Godly way.  Learn actionable ways to help disciple your child.

Parenting Differently but Equally

Each child is unique and parenting several children can look differently based on each child’s love language, phase, and personality. We'll look at ways to stay true to God's instructions and be fair to each child even as we account for their differences. 

Parenting Through the Storm

Parenting isn’t easy. You try to ask the right questions and do the right things, but things just don’t seem to be going the way you want them to. Some storms are a little more difficult to navigate, and this session, led by a professional Christian counselor, will equip you with how to walk through these crazy storms with your student.

Marriage and the Family

Pouring into our marriages is an incredible way to love on our children. This session will deal with the importance of nurturing our marriages even during the craziness of raising kids.

ChristWay K!DS will care for your children, birth-5th grade, during Contact, and students, 6th-12th grade will have sessions of their own. We will need a count for your children, but please DO NOT add them as family members on the first screen when you're adding who is attending.