love is why we're gathering online!

  • online worship

    We livestream our worship service via Facebook Live at 10 AM on Sunday morning. If you are not on Facebook, the message will be posted to our YouTube channel as soon as possible. We'll continue to livestream gatherings for those continuing to shelter in place and for those who are traveling or who live far away.

  • community in a time of social distancing

    Maintaining community in a time of social distancing is crucial! We still have online community through our Facebook Groups for Women and for Men, and we're working on organizing small group outdoor gatherings. Check back for more details.

Love is WHy!

We don’t do something unless we have a reason for doing it. The reason why we do what we do is simple… love.

God came to us as our Savior, died on the cross to extinguish our sin, and rose again in power over death because of His love for us! That great love is why we choose everyday to love God and to love others. Love is why.

We invite you to experience this love! Bring your doubts, wear whatever you want, and know that we are a church full of real people seeking to be real with God and with one another.

We invite you to come as you are!

Sundays at 10 AM





Online Worship Gathering

10 AM


Monday through Thursday, 9 AM-5 PM

We're changing the way you think about church by teaching consistent biblical truth and eliminating barriers that keep people from growing in a relationship with Christ.

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plan a visit

We know visiting new places can be awkward and intimidating. If you will let us know you're coming, we'll meet you, help you find your way around and provide you with any other information you might want. 

See you soon!