what we believe

Biblical Authority

The Bible is God’s Word to us. It is divine, authoritative, infallible, inerrant, God-breathed and truth without any mixture of error. ChristWay will uphold the authority of Scripture. We will seek to apply timeless truth in timely ways without compromising accurate interpretation of the text in its original context.

Personal Integrity

ChristWay will value authentic Spirit-led living. Christ’s desire is that His body be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Mt. 5:13-16). We are to live by the power of His Spirit and allow His life to be formed in us (Gal. 5:16-25).

Intimacy with God Christ

Way will value intimacy with God. This is an important value because it affects two important functions of the healthy church: prayer and worship. The Christian life is an intimate relationship with God. It is this personal relationship that transforms our lives into His likeness. ChristWay will value this intimate relationship and seek to develop passionate, fully devoted followers of Christ. (Vital Relationship #1)

Authentic Community

ChristWay will value authentic relationship within the body. We will seek to become a biblically functioning community of believers who reflect His love before a watching world. (Vital Relationship #2)

A Passion for the Lost

ChristWay will value the intentional building of relationships with the lost. A healthy church must have the heart of God, and God’s heart beats for those who are lost. ChristWay must properly understand God’s great salvation, embrace the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ as the atonement for the world’s sins, and see herself on mission with God to reach the world with the Good News. Reaching the lost is to be a priority at ChristWay. (Vital Relationship #3)


ChristWay will take seriously the mandate of Christ to “make disciples” (Mt. 28:19). The goal of ChristWay will be that every newborn Christian becomes a mature, faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is more than knowing God’s Word. Discipleship is living God’s Word and mentoring others in God’s Word!

Each Believer’s Giftedness

ChristWay will value the commitment to use individual spiritual gifts in ministry. Each member of the body has an important function within the overall mission of the body. For the body to accomplish its God-given purpose each member must recognize his or her area of giftedness and delight to serve to the betterment of the entire body. ChristWay will value this giftedness and help believers discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts.

Our Doctrine

This Body of Christ, acting together with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, determines its doctrine and practice, always respecting the priesthood of every believer. In essentials we have unity, in non-essentials we have liberty, and in all things we have love. Any action or judgment of doctrine and practice shall always be referred to the Elders of the Church and will be considered by them with serious intent and prayer. The Baptist Faith & Message, most recently revised version, as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention and interpreted by this local body, shall serve as a guideline for this local church’s interpretation of Scripture, doctrine, and practice, so long as it remains true to God’s Word.