As a diverse body of believers, we are all on different parts of the same exciting journey of faith, where we are seeking to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and begin a journey with us as well.

Our Name

ChristWay Community Church is a name of purpose. As a church of believers, our primary purpose is to lift up the name of Christ. “Christ” is first in our name to reflect that He is preeminent in our mission and purpose. “Way” reflects our desire to be true followers of Christ. To be true disciples, we must follow Christ for that is the way of the cross.

Our Affiliation

ChristWay Community Church is a cooperative church with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our Strategy

ChristWay will encourage spiritual development by connecting people in small group environments. In order to become an authentic community of Christ we recognize that Sunday morning worship environments are not the most conducive context for accountability, belonging, and care. Therefore, ChristWay will strive to move its attendees through, but not out of, our large group congregational worship into a small group context where we feel real authentic life change can occur most easily.

Our Distinctives

ChristWay will be seeker aware in our approach to ministry. We will seek to be sensitive to the needs of those who attend our services by trying to create excellent and relevant environments that are conducive for the Holy Spirit to work most effectively. We will be proactive in removing all potential obstacles but the cross (the message of Christ). We will seek to be a place where the hurting and confused can find love, acceptance, help, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement. We will have seeker events. These events are designed for people who may be seeking answers concerning God. These people will have the opportunity to come and learn in a non-threatening environment. 

However, ChristWay will NOT be a seeker driven church.  We will seek to be Savior sensitive in our worship for seekers cannot worship the Living God. We will seek to represent a holy and righteous, yet loving and forgiving God in the worship of our church. We will uphold a high standard of Christian living while answering the question of why for those seeking answers.

ChristWay will seek to become a spirit-filled church. We will value spirit-filled music and preaching/teaching of the Word of God. We will value joyful and celebrative praise and worship. We will use the latest technology to communicate but will not compromise the message.

ChristWay will be an Elder governed and equipped church. Partners will be free from unnecessary maintenance meetings to perform ministry. We will embrace ministry teams for the effective execution of ministry. Every partner will be viewed as a minister and expected to participate in group life as well as strategic service teams.

ChristWay will utilize covenants to uphold the highest integrity and accountability for membership and ministry.