In the ChristWay Student Ministry (CSM), we strive to awaken a love for Jesus in the hearts of students so they will know Him, follow Him, love the Scripture, and be launched into the world.

One of the ways we do that is by placing each student in a Life Group. A Life Group is what we like to call our small groups in CSM. We strategically place students in family groups  of 6-8 students based on their grade and gender. Each group is led by two amazing family group leaders who are heavily invested at ChristWay Church. These LifeGroups are so much more than a small group...these groups become family!

In addition to these family groups, we've intentionally created 5 separate environments for the students of our city and church so they can have the opportunity to experience Jesus and grow in relationship with Him.

On Sunday mornings...

MIDDLE SCHOOL:: 6th-8th grade students meet in The Attic each week during the 10:45 AM worship service for teaching and LifeGroup time. Prior to this they will attend the 9:15 AM worship gathering together.

HIGH SCHOOL:: 9th-12th grade students gather each week at 10:45 AM in The Hub for teaching and Life Group time. Prior to this they will attend the 9:15 AM worship gathering together.

On Sunday nights, 5-7 PM...

MS SNDY NGHTS:: During the school semester, 6th-8th grade students meet each week from 5-7 in The Attic for an evening of ridiculous games, passionate worship, and time of mutual encouragement in small groups with other middle school students from the Chattanooga area. 

HS SNDY NGHTS:: During the school semester, 9th-12th grade students meet each Sunday evening from 5-7 in the HUB. High School students have the opportunity to engage and grow their faith in student-led worship, wrestling in small groups with following Christ in the context of their everyday lives, and serving our middle school students, church and beyond in various ways.

CRASH:: Our Middle + High School students gather collectively during the semester to worship and lift up the name of Jesus in the city of Chattanooga. For more information on when we meet, check out our upcoming dates listed below.


Student/Parent/LifeGroup Leaders Meet & Greet, June 4, 10:15 AM-10:45 AM

Parents will have the opportunity to meet and talk with their student's new life group leaders! Middle school will meet in The Attic and high school will meet in The Hub. And there will be meat for this meet & greet!

Camp Parent Meeting, June 4, 12:00 Noon

6th Grade Welcome Party, June 4, 5-7 PM

Students who have just completed 5th grade are invited to their first student ministry event, a pool party, at the home of Terry & Wendy Higdon. Details available at The Hub.

Freshman Orientation, June 4

Summer Camp, June 12-16

Students who have completed 6th-12th grades will head to Shocco Springs in Talladega, Alabama for an epic week! See below for details.

Middle School Rafting Trip, July 5

Students who have completed 5th-7th grade will float down the Hiwassee River.

High School Rafting & Cookout, July 6

Students who have completed 8th-12th grade will brave the Ocoee River and then enjoy a cookout.

High School Mission Trip, July 9-14

Students who have completed 8th-12th grade will spend the week in Atlanta working with refugees. Get the details here:  

Info Brochure

Medical Release/Permission Form

Middle School Mission Adventure, July 23-26

Students who have completed 5th-7th grade will serve right here in Chattanooga to show the love of Christ to those in our own community.

For more information and to keep up to date via text...

Students, text "cwstudents" to 86677 to get up-to-date info on student happenings!  

Parents, text "cwparents" to 86677 to get up-to-date info on events for your student!

CAMP 2017

Life is full of competition. We want to move through traffic quicker, check out before the other person in the line at Publix, make better grades than our siblings, and beat the crosstown rival at everything. And if you say you don’t care then you probably want to “not care” more than anyone else. And even if you aren’t a competitive person, everything around you is trying to draw you in. Each day our lives are swamped with a cavalcade of things that are vying for our attention. Knowing what is most important can be more confusing than we ever dreamed. If we knew what was most important then we would be free to choose it. There is One who is greater, who does not lose. He has been here from before the beginning. He set the world into motion. He tells the oceans where to end and the mountains how high they should go. He holds all the power of life and death. He carries the weight of all of our struggles. He has no equal. JESUS IS UNRIVALED. We can know Him and knowing Jesus changes everything about us.

WHO Students who have completed 6th grade through those who have just graduated from high school

WHEN June 12-16, 2017. Meet at ChristWay Church at 12:30 PM on Monday, June 12. We’ll return by 4:00 PM on Friday, June 16.

WHERE Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama. Students will be staying in the secluded Adventure Camp area which includes air-conditioned bunkhouse-style cabins, a dining hall, and worship center. The property also features a pool, a lake with water toys, miniature golf, frisbee golf, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hiking and much more! cost Includes lodging, all meals, transportation, camp materials and one of the best t-shirts in the land.


  • $235 if paid in full on April 9
  • $260 if paid in full April 10-30
  • $280 if paid in full May 1-28
  • If you bring a first-time friend, the cost is only $230 for the friend.

Registration & payment are required by no later than May 28.

A parent of each student should plan to attend a parent meeting on Sunday, June 4, at 12:00 Noon in The Hub.

Sign Up Forms Are Available at The Hub or you can download them here.

CAMP 2017 what to bring/what not to bring

What to Bring

  • Bible--after all, it really is about God. A pen would also be extremely useful!
  • Clothes for Daytime! You’ll need clothes that you could wear while running around in the outdoors! That includes t-shirts (no bro tanks or strappy shirts), shorts (Ladies, no shorty shorts; we’re talking basketball or soccer shorts. If you choose to wear yoga pants or capris, you need to have a long shirt on.), and anything else that empowers you to move well! 
  • Clothes for Evenings! Normal evening camp wear includes shirts that are clean, shoes that don’t stink, shorts that are an appropriate length (if you aren’t sure if they are the proper length, don’t bring them), and shirts that are not tank tops. Think about what you normally wear to church on a summer Sunday and aim for that. Disclaimer: Guys, we do not want to see your undies sticking out of your pants or your chests shining in the sun because your shirts are so low cut. Please maintain normal waist and chest coverage at all times. Ladies, we are too cool to be parading around like risqué art pieces. Keep what your momma gave you covered. *If there is ever an issue with what you are wearing, please do not be offended when a leader asks you to change. It’s not to hurt your feelings or make you look like an old geezer; we are simply maintaining an environment free from distraction. 
  • Swimsuit--Girls should plan to wear a modest one-piece swimsuit or a tankini which fully covers the stomach (or you may choose to wear a dark T-Shirt over your swimsuit). 
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Toiletry Items--please do not forget your toothbrush or your deodorant! 
  • Pillow & Sleeping Bag or Sheets & Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Optional: Insect Repellent, Sunglasses, Beach Towel, Sports Equipment (tennis racket, etc.)

What Not to Bring

  • Cell Phones-Use this time as a retreat to get away from the world. Adult chaperones will have phones if you need to call your parents.
  • Electronic Devices-Includes mp3 players, iPods, DVD players, gaming devices, etc. You will be busy having so much fun, you will not need them.
  • Weapons of any kind, fireworks or stuff for pranks
  • A bad attitude


My child takes medicine. What do I need to do? Make sure you note any prescription or over-the-counter medications on your forms. Parents are encouraged to talk with any of the adult leaders regarding administration of medications (child is responsible to take medicine on his own, student needs to be reminded to take medicine each day, etc.)

Will I be able to talk to my son/daughter during the week? In order to provide an atmosphere free of distractions, we are asking that students NOT bring cell phones with them. Adults will have phones and students are welcome to use those to call home. Should you have an emergency and need to contact your student, you will be given a list before we leave with the names and cell phone numbers of adults who will be at camp.

What adults are going? Adults who are experienced in and love working with teenagers. These are the adults who work with students each week at ChristWay. A background check has been conducted on each one, and all have been screened for theological soundness. In addition, one of the adults is a Registered Nurse.

How will students be transported to and from camp? We will be traveling by charter bus and vans.

What is Shocco Springs? It’s a Baptist Conference Center located in Talladega, Alabama. For more information, visit

What are the cabins like? Each cabin contains bunk beds to sleep 16 people, and there will be at least 2 adults in each cabin. Each cabin is air-conditioned and has its own bathroom with multiple showers, toilets, and sinks.

How much money does my child need? Everything is included in the camp fee. This includes three delicious meals a day. A canteen will be open each evening where soda, candy or a snack may be purchased for a nominal fee. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks. There are no other expenses and nothing else even available to purchase.

What does a typical day at camp look like? Each day begins with a hearty breakfast and quiet time for devotions. Students will participate in a small group (based on age and gender) Bible study and an energetic time of worship before lunch. After lunch, students will have free time for recreation (swimming, basketball, volleyball, mini golf, active games, etc.) and then time to clean up. After dinner, students will participate in another small group study and another worship experience. Students then enjoy cabin devotions before crashing into bed!

What if my child gets sick? On the medical release form, please authorize adult chaperones to administer common, over–the-counter medications for minor illness (Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, etc.) For more serious illness or injury, you will be contacted immediately.

My child has an event that means he/she would have to come to camp late/leave camp early. Is that permissible? Of course students will gain the greatest impact if they are able to be a part of the entire week, but we don’t want your student to miss out on camp altogether, so they are welcome to participate for as much of the week as possible. Please understand that the full cost will apply, and parents are responsible for transportation to/from Shocco Springs. Please talk with Matt Moore or Matthew Waters about this before camp so that arrangements can be made.

Are scholarships available? The intent of the student ministry is that as many students as possible be able to attend camp that their lives may be impacted positively for Christ, and we do not wish for any student to be unable to participate due to lack of funding. We are also required to be good stewards of the resources God has given. Because these resources are limited, full scholarships are not available. However, you are welcome to submit a confidential request for financial assistance by email to by no later than May 14.