We enjoy going OUTSIDE our comfort zones and OUTSIDE the walls of the church and even OUTSIDE the borders of our country to impact others with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Life groups, students and individuals have served locally in nursing homes, homeless ministries, community events and more. And many have traveled throughout the Southeast to share the love of Jesus through acts of service to those whom society has forgotten.

Church partners have also traveled to The Philippines, Turkey, Swaziland, Mexico, Japan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Uganda, Dominican Republic and Bolivia. In addition, we have supported efforts to build churches in Honduras, provide wells in Africa, and assist with feeding the hungry in Haiti. What a joy to join God in what He is doing in both our community and around the world!


We believe the "church" is not a building; it's a group of Christ-followers. Each week, we leave the building of ChristWay to go out into our community to BE the church to a hurting world. 

Disaster Relief

Recovery efforts in both Texas and Florida will take a very long time.  We will be sending a number of teams to serve over the next year, so be watching for your opportunity to go and serve with ChristWay.

Re-Build Texas Trip Interest Meeting is February 25, at 12 Noon

Construction Trip is May 27-June 2

If you know that you cannot go but would like to help in some other way, please email outside.local@christwaychurch.org.

If you would like to contribute financially to hurricane relief efforts, you can do that here.

If you want to go independently, here are a couple of ideas:

North American Mission Board

Samaritan's Purse


We're going back to a rural Appalachian area in Kentucky to help with a construction project and focus on children's ministry.

Interest Meeting is January 28 at 12 Noon

Trip is June 9-16

In Our Community

Here is a page where you can view many opportunities for you to get involved in our community as well as the contact information. Most of these organizations welcome groups, but some are also in need of individuals. Please contact the "volunteer coordinator" to make arrangements.

Other Ideas

  • Bring toys to the children's hospital. 
  • Crochet booties for the crisis pregnancy center. 
  • Help elderly church partners or neighbors with yard work, light construction projects. 
  • Take goodies, magazines, gifts to ICU/hospital waiting rooms. 
  • Work an event such as a 5K race.
  • Go to Wal-Mart and hand out gift cards to other shoppers.  
  • Hand out bottled water at a park or along a greenway.

If you have questions or need further assistance with local missions, please email us.


We are currently partnered with missionaries in these locations:


We have a partnership with missionaries in Choluteca, a city in Southern Honduras. There we have built churches in remote mountain villages, held Bible School in public schools, built houses and tackled other construction projects, held dental clinics and strengthened several churches through ministry programs.

Medical/Dental Team, February 2-March 1

Construction & Evangelism Teams, June 21-28 & June 28-July 5


Working with Seed Ministry, we are helping to reach people in various tribes near Tamale through children's ministry, women's ministry and men's ministry. 

Evangelism Team, June 27-July 11


Working with missionaries in this predominantly Muslim country, we will work with children, visit with lepers, prayerwalk in the slums and visit with nationals for the purpose of sharing Christ.

Evangelism Team, September 2018

Bangladesh Interest Survey


We work with Heart for Africa and will be taking a team there to engage in evangelism and discipleship opportunities, encourage the workers, and host children's activities.

August 24-September 4


A team will head to Chosica, Peru, to host a leadership conference for church leaders and engage in evangelism.

August 21-27

Below are the general forms/information you need for a ChristWay-sponsored international mission trip. Simply click to view or download.

Mission Team Guidelines

Short Term Mission Team Application for Adults, High School & College Students

Customizable Fund-Raising Letter

(please change the "Doe" name and adjust pronouns and amounts to reflect your personal situation and please send letters to friends and family OUTSIDE of ChristWay)

If you are interested in other international opportunities to go OUTSIDE, we have ChristWay partners headed to various places around the globe, and you may want to join them. Recently, we've sent teams to Uganda, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Bangladesh. For more details, contact us by email.


Amor Ministries

Heart for Africa

One Vision International

International Mission Board